8.04.005 – Definitions.

For purposes of this Chapter, the following words and phrases shall have the meaning set forth as follows:

  1. “Attending school” means attendance for more than three hours per day:
  2. At a school which is located in the parking district and which is accredited by the State of Oregon; or
  3. At any other instructional class within the parking district which provides academic, professional or job credits to attendees.
  4. “Parking district” means the primary area and the secondary area.
  5. “Primary area” means the Downtown Development District established in Chapter 3.08.
  6. “Secondary area” means the area having boundaries on the north by Diamond Lake Boulevard, on the south of Mosher Street, on the west by the Southern Pacific Railroad tracks, and on the east by Fowler Street proceeding to the intersection of Douglas Avenue, then by the mid-block between Kane and Chadwick Streets proceeding to the intersection of Cass Street, then by Kane Street proceeding to the intersection of Lane Street, and then by Main Street proceeding to the intersection of Mosher Street.

(Ord. 2952 § 1 (part), 1996)

8.04.010 – Prohibition.

Except when allowed under Section 8.04.020, no person who is employed, or is a contract service provider, or is attending school in the parking district, or employs another or resides in the parking district shall park a vehicle on the public way in the parking district while in his place of employment, in his residence, or attending school, between nine a.m. and five p.m. on any day excepting Sundays and holidays.

(Ord. 3190 § 1, 2005: Ord. 2952 § 1 (part), 1996)

(Ord. 3293, § 1, 10-13-2008)

8.04.020 – Exceptions.

The following are exceptions to the prohibition in Section 8.04.010:

  1. Parking a vehicle on a public way within the secondary area where there are no restrictions posted or parking meters installed. Restrictions include but are not limited to: “free parking,” time limits, restricted use, permit parking, prohibited use;
  2. Parking a vehicle on a public way under a monthly rental by the City;
  3. The City Manager is given authority to grant exemptions to the prohibition contained in Section 8.04.010 if the Manager finds that special circumstances warrant such exemption. For purposes of this Subsection, special circumstances shall include, but are not limited to, special events and promotional activities that are beneficial to the primary area or to the downtown community as a whole; and
  4. Exceptions to the student parking prohibition may be made by the City Manager provided that those students excepted shall be permitted to park in the primary area only in specified areas of the overpark structure and must properly display any parking permit that may be required by the City Manager.

(Ord. 3190 § 2, 2005; Ord. 2952 § 1 (part), 1996)

8.04.030 – Reports of employees.

  1. By the 15th of January each year; and in case of a business, occupation, tenancy or profession being commenced within the primary and/or secondary areas, within ten days after the commencement:
  2. An employer of a person employed part-time or full-time or as a contracted service provider in the primary and/or secondary areas shall furnish the City the full name of the employer, the employees, and the service providers and the vehicle license number of each vehicle they own;
  3. A person self-employed part-time or full-time in the primary area and/or secondary area shall furnish the City his full name and the vehicle license number of each vehicle he owns; and
  4. A person(s) residing within the primary and/or secondary areas shall furnish the City his full name and the vehicle license number of each vehicle he owns.
  5. Except as required each year under the above Subsection A, the person required to file the report under the above Subsection A shall indicate if there has been a change in the information previously filed under such Subsection A and, if there is a change, shall update the required information.
  6. The information required by this Section shall be supplied in a mode and on forms prescribed by the Finance Director.
  7. No person who receives or has knowledge or possession of information required to be given by this Section may divulge in any manner such information to any person not associated with the administration or enforcement of the parking program in the parking district.

(Ord. 3269 § 1, 2007; Ord. 3190 § 3, 2005; Ord. 3150 § 1, 2003: Ord. 2952 § 1 (part), 1996)

8.04.040 – Penalty.

Violations of Section 8.04.010 shall be punishable by fine set by Council resolution.

(Ord. 2952 § 1 (part), 1996)